Watch: Simon’s Cat in Window Pain

My all time favourite cat, Simon’s cat, is back with an all new video:  Window Pain. It involves Simon’s attempts at cleaning a window, which, as I’m sure you’ve figured out, are jeopardized by his cat(s). Enjoy!

Oh and watch out for my favourite moment: when he requests food. This has become a regular ‘inside joke’ with a friend of mine, whenever we’re hungry!


Comic: Two goldfish having a chat



Love: Maru the cat

I’ve been following this little (big) guy for a few months and I just love him. Not only does he fuel my growing desire to get a wee kitten, but he also makes me smile every morning. Just look at his face!!
A few things you need to know about Maru

He’s a cool dude…

Who loves sleeping


He likes playing

and fancy dress

“I’m a lion!”

And he loves boxes

like REALLY loves them

Inspire: Tom gives away his holiday

I came across an article in the Dailymail which told of this story and in my current state of emotional rollercoaster syndrome, it really touched me.

This lovely boy Tom Frankenburg , sadly broke up with his girlfriend, but had already booked and paid for a £1000 holiday to Malta. After realising he wouldn’t be getting his money back, he decided to give his holiday away for free. All you had to do was write to him explaining why you and your partner would love the holiday.

Thousands of people watched his YouTube video and thousands of them emailed in. On the 18th of June, Tom announced his winning couple. You can see who he chose to give his holiday away to and his reasons why here.
This act of kindness really moved me and it truly is the little things that count.

“The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” Ghandi

Look: Nicolas Cage Cats

I’ve come across a few of these memes recently, and although no, I am not a big fan of actor Nicolas Cage (I really dislike his hair), and yes, I am a big fan of cats, put the two together and you get something truly mesmerising. Who knew his face would look so good morphed onto a cat’s body? This tumblr did.

Listen: “One Day” by Wankelmut

My favourite song of the moment, listened to on repeat today is Wankelmut‘s remix of  “Reckoning Song” by Israeli rock band Asaf Avidan & the Mojo. The remix version is called ‘One Day’ and I absolutely love it. I’m not really a massive fan of electro music, but I love the beat, melody and voice of the singer of “One Day”. The combination of modern beats with classical Israeli song is just perfect.

Enjoy 😉




Asaf Avidan