Laugh: Texts from dog

I’m a huge dog lover. And when I say huge I actually mean bordering on creepy.

So when it comes to anything dog related, naturally, I just love it.

This tumblr called ‘Text from dogs‘ never fails to make me smile, giggle or full on laugh out loud. It’s as the title implies: one man’s text exchange with his bull dog and believe you me, it is thoroughly entertaining. You can read an interview with Dog here.



Discover: Company logos – past vs today



Comic: The first move

You might have already guessed, but I love comics. I usually get my daily laugh via comics, so I’d like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all those funny little artists out there…cheers!

Watch & Listen: For those lost, just not forgotten

This beautiful visuel poem produced by Cole Webley is gripping and poignant. The photography is stunning and really well edited… love it.

For those wondering, I wrote down the poem:

In the vacuum of leaving and being left
People are made
Loved and lost
The rejected
And the survivor
Life discipline’s in silence
Teaching when our mentors are gone
In the light that creates shadows
A darkness that craves the sun
Our comings and our goings
Our meetings and the partings
Make of boys’ fathers
And women daughters
And the people that are made
In the vacuum of leaving and being left
Are never lost
Just forgotten.

Watch: Kiss from a Rose sang to unimpressed cat

I watched this and was completely enthralled. This drunk guy’s rendition of ‘Kiss from a rose’ sang to his unappreciative cat is just beautiful. Special moment when the cat tries to escape but the drunk man dearly holds on to him as he belts out “Babaaay”. Worth a watch. Given the cats unimpressed response, I assume this is a regular late night occurance.