Politics: Gillard vs Abbott

I couldn’t pretend to know much about politics, but I found this speech by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard rather inspiring.

I don’t have particularly strong feminist views, probably because I grew up in a family where the woman ‘wore the trousers’, so to speak. Sexism and misogyny is not something I appreciate however, which is why I think it’s important to stand up against men who, whether maliciously or not, condone it.

After the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, moved to remove Speaker Peter Slipper after it was discovered that he’s been sending inappropriate text messages, Gillard brings to light Abbott’s own history of sexism and political double standards. No one likes a hypocrite Tony.


NB. I did find her comment about him “looking at his watch because apparently a woman has spoken too long” rather presumptuous and unnecessary, albeit his unfortunate timing.