Happy Halloween!

My ever patient Bert. “Go on then, you can dress me up if you like”. Aww.

Dog Halloween Costume


Joke: A horse walks into the bar…

And the barman says: “Why the long face?”

One of the best jokes in the world. See how funny people (and horses) find it?

Watch: Kiss from a Rose sang to unimpressed cat

I watched this and was completely enthralled. This drunk guy’s rendition of ‘Kiss from a rose’ sang to his unappreciative cat is just beautiful. Special moment when the cat tries to escape but the drunk man dearly holds on to him as he belts out “Babaaay”. Worth a watch. Given the cats unimpressed response, I assume this is a regular late night occurance.

Watch: Simon’s Cat in Window Pain

My all time favourite cat, Simon’s cat, is back with an all new video:  Window Pain. It involves Simon’s attempts at cleaning a window, which, as I’m sure you’ve figured out, are jeopardized by his cat(s). Enjoy!

Oh and watch out for my favourite moment: when he requests food. This has become a regular ‘inside joke’ with a friend of mine, whenever we’re hungry!

Love: Maru the cat

I’ve been following this little (big) guy for a few months and I just love him. Not only does he fuel my growing desire to get a wee kitten, but he also makes me smile every morning. Just look at his face!!
A few things you need to know about Maru

He’s a cool dude…

Who loves sleeping


He likes playing

and fancy dress

“I’m a lion!”

And he loves boxes

like REALLY loves them

Look: Nicolas Cage Cats

I’ve come across a few of these memes recently, and although no, I am not a big fan of actor Nicolas Cage (I really dislike his hair), and yes, I am a big fan of cats, put the two together and you get something truly mesmerising. Who knew his face would look so good morphed onto a cat’s body? This tumblr did.